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New on 500px : Spirit Walker by Tassanee by Tassanee

This was the first photo I took when I entered the Antelope canyon. Guides will usually throw up sand to bring out the beams of light. When processing this image I notice a human like figure in the beam, so I decided to name this image “Spirit Walker”

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New on 500px : Spectrum by whuang by whuang

Ranking among my top subjects to photograph, slot canyons possess an unrivaled artistic beauty. This photo is one of favorite southwest scenes of all time. When captured at the right time, these pillared Navajo sandstone walls catch the reflected light and begin to display and ethereal glow. Sporting striations, this slot somewhat resembles Zebra slots but this has its own unique aspects of a lengthy hallway appearance lined with pillared walls. It was definitely some of the best adventure and the most fun I have enjoyed exploring one of mother nature’s finest creations.

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New on 500px : Upper Navajo Falls by dswindler by dswindler

During the big flood of 2008, several new waterfalls were formed as the power of nature forged a new path for Havasu Creek. This is the first of the new waterfalls called Upper Navajo Falls. Although the Havasupai area isn’t back to its former glory prior to 2008, its nice to see that nature is slowly rebuilding. This shot is a manual blend of 3 different exposures. I used a 10-stop ND filter to smooth out the water and help enhance the reflected glow.

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New on 500px : Rattlesnake Glow by tobyharriman by tobyharriman

*Rattlesnake Glow*
One of my favorites from Rattlesnake Canyon, which is just before Upper Antelope in case your wondering. I loved having this whole canyon to myself, literally the only other person was my tour guide and even he went out of the canyon for a bit.

As I sit on photos from this day I keep coming back and to process them and reprocess them over and over. I find the more time I spend on them the more I like them. When I think back to that, my favorite photos have all been processed months after I took them, I feel its best that way, gives you time to really digest them and figure out how you want to process them.

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New on 500px : Mittens by kewlkoti by kewlkoti

Mittens @ Monument Valley. No wonder it is a favorite spot for Hollywood. I am excited for Transformers IV as it was being shot at this place. It was difficult to get shots here and had to wait for a while to get this, due to sand storm.

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