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New on 500px : Step by Step by christianlim by christianlim

mount cook sunset light from the hooker glacier lake…. i think one more trip back here should be enough for me…. this is trip no5.

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New on 500px : The Rush and the Still by christianlim by christianlim

a colorful winter sunset on the shores of st claire beach in dunedin, not alot of people ot mess around with the image as it was really really cold.

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New on 500px : Butterfly Wings by christianlim by christianlim

The call of the starfish too strong for me to leave and head towards these karsts, this was as far as wanted to go while waiting for the backlighted scene behind me to soften a bit more. I guess you can only make a plan and hope everything sticks… which is very rare no matter how often you visit a location.

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New on 500px : Stars, Camera, Action. by christianlim by christianlim

Wasting valuable time trying to get these guys on the right position but they just kept on moving, I was however only trying to get 1 shot this day (which I did) so I was contented to play around, standing on lower ground and waves would constantly flow into my inner thighs. A landscape, with human element, + BTS shot in one frame. This one a 5 shot merge.

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New on 500px : Blue & Yellow by christianlim by christianlim

lake wanaka tree, cloudless but the tree was all out… here in an Infrared “kinda” look with the blue and yellow, but taken during a great autumn day during golden hour.

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New on 500px : Light from Within by christianlim by christianlim

colored version of a previous upload image of milford sound, this one without the sunburst…. clouds were confused today.

need to get out and shoot some more but work has the better of me right now… until maybe the end of the year.

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New on 500px : Call of Autumn by christianlim by christianlim

autumn color in golden hour battles with incoming overcast cloud over lake tekapo…. just spectacular to see all the colors this morning.

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New on 500px : Anti-Earth Gate by christianlim by christianlim

creepy golden hour at tekapo, playing around with the shutter. getting some forms from the lenticular clouds, this one like a portal opening.

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