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New on 500px : Step by Step by christianlim by christianlim

mount cook sunset light from the hooker glacier lake…. i think one more trip back here should be enough for me…. this is trip no5.

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New on 500px : Land of Rock by christianlim by christianlim

an image from the Tasman River… more than 1KM walk in loose rock, bad for the achilles. No Ice on the lagoon this autumn so opted to shoot out.

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New on 500px : Her Majesty by christianlim by christianlim

i still consider sunrise to be the best time to take photos of mt cook even if it does not get direct alpen glow from this side of her vantage points.

Nonetheless, this is the first time I took a shot from the river during sunset, was at the glacier during my first trip in 2011 and in between 3 trips was always hunting for sunrise light.

Still quite stunning too see, this one taken after I had plunged 500 dollars worth of filters into the river, had to fish them out from the cold glacial water.

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