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New on 500px : Shanghai by night ~ 夜上还 by yewyuee by yewyuee

Shanghai by night 夜上海 ~ circa 5th January, 2013

I would like to thank John Woo http://ift.tt/1nVaE6y, for introducing me to this wonderful place and I hope my rendition of this much photographed viewpoint matches his high standards.


Overlooking some of Shanghai’s most notable sights including the historic Nissin Shipping Building and The Bund, this was captured at ‘New Heights’ – a restaurant perched on the top of Three on The Bund.


As with most of my work, this was straight out of camera but for the panoramic crop. Safe for a tall tripod and a camera with manual mode, it’s a no brainer to replicate this postcard view. You DO HOWEVER NEED one of the following: (1)overcome the bouncer(s) at the level one lift lobby if they sense a tripod, (2)at the entrance to the restaurant, charm the pretty Chinese ladies with whatever it takes if your interest is but for the view &/or (3)burn a small hole in the pocket as the food and drinks at these restaurants (with killer roof top views) don’t come cheap! You just can’t have the cake and eat it, can you?


Please do not feel obligated to vote BUT do leave some comments as I value them MORE.


This is the first of “a tale of three cities” series; my last on 500px for a while. As much as I would love to, I have precious little time (yes.. since September 2013) to interact with so many of my (500px) friends (I love you all!!!) and those who know me will understand that it’s not my style to go around clicking Likes & Favourites and leaving just one liners. And I’m finding myself leaving just one-liners so it’s about time to let go. However, please feel free to write on my wall should you want me to appreciate (not critique) your latest upload. I will try my best to login to comment.

For those interested in my oldies, I’ve put them in my Sets.


I am currently refining my skills / passion in the invisible spectrum (UV-VIS-NIR) while at the same time exploring the basics of wide-field astrophotography with a DSLR. This is an extremely new subject for me! Do drop by my Facebook Page (http://ift.tt/1ovULG8) to view my latest uploads or even for a chat (photography, I hope).

See you in June 2014 where I’ll share some of the city of Taiwan’s snapshots!

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New on 500px : Good afternoon, Mr. Fox by javierbravo by javierbravo

Amazing view of Fox Glacier (Te Moeka o Tuawe), in New Zealand. It is one of the most accessible glaciers in the world, but as you can observe far away views are also spectacular.

If you check the exact location of the map, there is a bench with a great place to have a picnic with this in the background.

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New on 500px : Golden Waves by JustinGrimm by JustinGrimm

This is the first shot of many from a recent trip down to southern Utah and Arizona. Not only did I spend it with 2 awesome photographers, Dustin Gent and Brian Kibbons, but we also hit it out of the park getting light at every one of the epic spots we managed to drive Brian’s little “SUV-that-could” to. Justin Grimm Photography Buy a Print On our very first night of the trip we decided to take it easy and shoot Horseshoe Bend. Very busy, but still very awesome nonetheless. After getting our first of many nice sunsets, we headed to some cheap greasy breakfast food place that we don’t have up in Canada to get some dinner. While failing to enjoy my plate that looked like BP’s second oil spill, a random man and his son came up to us wondering if we worked for GoPro because of a hat my friend was wearing. Of course we don’t, but if GoPro wants to hit me up with that collab let me know! In any case, we got to talking about photography and the locations we were planning to hit up during our stay. It turns out this guy was a human encyclopedia of the southwest. Not only that, but he is also a major contributor to the website thewave.info where a lot of our own personal trip planning had come from, and he even has his own book he is currently writing. He let us in on a little secret not many photographer know about, that he dubbed “The New Wave”. With GPS coordinates, simple directions in hand, and not needing to apply for any sort of permit lottery like the other Wave, we ended up shooting here 3 separate times. This place is epic with so much potential, and after capturing what I felt was one of my best and most original shots of my trip, I had a tough time sleeping. No big deal though, we only camped 3 minutes away from here and the morning hike to my other composition was easy! Thanks for looking!
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New on 500px : Earnslaw Steamship by IrinaJonsson by IrinaJonsson

I was Enjoyed a Scenic cruise on Lake Wakatipu aboard coal fired vintage steamship TSS Earnslaw from Queenstown Bay to Walter Peak High Country Farm in februari 2012. The TSS Earnslaw was commissioned by New Zealand Railways to service the communities around Lake Wakatipu. Launched in the same year as the Titanic, the TSS Earnslaw’s maiden voyage was on 18 October 1912.
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