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New on 500px : Powerade by keretic by keretic

Milky Way over Shimuni, Pag Island, Croatia. Sometime around midnight.

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New on 500px : Rising Milky Way above spectacular lightning show by justinngsg by justinngsg

Just returned from a 3D2N trip to Mersing suggested by some awesome folks who followed me to Mt Bromo last month. Led the small group to a location to film a time-lapse of Milky Way rising above a lonely boat but what happened soon after we started shooting was amazing. We were treated to a spectacular lightning display by Thor for about an hour before the clouds caught up with the rising Milky Way and dominated the skies eventually. The image is a result of stacking 12 photos (11 shots of lightnings and 1 shot for everything else) from my time-lapse sequence. Hope you like it.

Visit http://ift.tt/V3ej8O to view more images taken during the trip.

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New on 500px : Metajna by keretic by keretic

Milky Way over Metajna settlement, northern part of the island of Pag. Background light comes from the town of Pag. 1300px wide, please see it in fullscreen.

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New on 500px : *The*Big*Apple* by anthonyjayfields by anthonyjayfields

Man This Was A Crazy Night I Was Just Out And About Walking Around NYC When I Thought To Myself Where Have I Not Been Yet? And Was Like Oh I Know On The Famous Rockefeller center.. So I Headed Over To 5th ave And Made My Way To Where Every Native New Yorker Should Visit 4 An Amazing View Of The City, But Getting This Shot Was No Easy Task, Their Was So Many People Their It Almost Seemed Impossible, The Bumping The Toe Stepping Ahhrrr I was getting Frustrated And Could Not Find A Spot To Set Up My Camera, After Calming Down A lil I Seen A Spot And Dashed Over Like No This Is My Area Now Pwahahaha Even Tho It Was A Tight Squeeze Between All Of The Tourist, I Pulled Out My Mini Tripod And Began Shooting Finally I Got What I came 4 And Much More.. Well I Hope You Enjoy This One And Thank You 4 UR V/F Comments And Shares, And This Is Not A Pano It’s Just One Shot Wide Angle

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New on 500px : *I Love NewYork* by anthonyjayfields by anthonyjayfields

I Can Never Get Enough Of This Place, The View, The People, It’s Always A Great Experience The Night Scene Is Always Amazing Here And The SunSets And Sunrise’s Are A Wonderful Thing As Well..
Well I Hope You Guy’s Enjoy This One
And Thank You 4 Your V/F Comment’s And Share’s

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New on 500px : False Kiva & Milky Way by ansgarhillebrand by ansgarhillebrand

I took lots of pictures at False Kiva during the last years. I was always hoping to get a shot with the Milkyway over Canyonlands. But every time I went there the sky was covered with clouds or the moon was too bright to be able to see the Milkyway.

So finally I created a composite image with Photoshop today.

Sorry, but this is just my personal dream of False Kiva. I’ve tried a lot but i couldn’t get it with one shot 😦

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New on 500px : Just one of Many by RobDickinson by RobDickinson

“If we are alone in the Universe, it sure seems like an awful waste of space.”

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New on 500px : Calm Reflections by PedroGalamarra by PedroGalamarra

“Calm Reflections”

:: Abril 2014 ::

Novamente, uma fotografia nocturna de uma parte da Dubai Marina, na zona do Jumeirah onde podemos ver alguns dos grandes edifícios aí existentes e os seus reflexos nas águas calmas da Marina. Desta perspectiva, mais à direita temos novamente a Cayan Tower, um dos hotéis Marriott que existem no Dubai, entre outros emblemáticos edifícios. Mais à esquerda e mais, embora de uma forma não tão perceptível, podemos ver o Burj Al Arab e um pouco mais à direita e a cerca de 20 kms, o Burj Khalifa, o edifício mais alto do Mundo!

Once more, a night exposure of a part of the Dubai Marina, on the Jumeirah area where we can see some of the large existing buildings and their reflections in the calm waters of the Dubai Marina. From this perspective, we have at right again the Cayan Tower (the twisted building), one of the Marriott hotels that exist in Dubai, among other iconic buildings. Further to the left, although in a not so noticeable view, we can see the Burj Al Arab and a little more to the right and about 20 kms, the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world!

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