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New on 500px : Stranded, Iceland by tucucumba by tucucumba

Todavía falta unos meses para que volvamos a visitar la Isla, la espera se hace interminable. Me encantan los eternos amaneceres y atarderes de noviembre, puedes preparar la toma sin ninguna prisa, sin miedo a que es sol se olculte en un par de minutos, sin prisas ni estres, disfrutando de esa luz mágica durante horas. Estoy enamorado de Islandia 🙂

There is still a few months to return to visit the island, the wait is very long. I love sunrises and eternal sunsets of November, you can prepare to photography no hurry, without fear that is sun goes down in a couple of minutes, no rush or stress, enjoy the magical light for hours. I’m in love with Iceland 🙂


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New on 500px : Final Light by FabianLong by FabianLong

Golden final seconds of sunlight for the day before disappearing into the other part of the globe. A branch of a coconut tree washed up on the beach with green moss growing on it.

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New on 500px : Bergsee by thalerst by thalerst

..last night we camped one night at 2000m at the Salfeiner Lake/Austria. We slept only a little, but we make
a lot of pictures..:-)) i hope you enjoy the pictures ..!

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New on 500px : For a galactic soul! by AdithetoS by AdithetoS

Better view in black…!

Όσοι γράφουν ανθελληνικά greeklish σχόλια, να τα χαίρονται…
Αι ντοντ νόου δις μπάσταρντ λάνγκουιτς!!! :·)
Και δεν είμαι Άγγλος, γράφε μου Ελληνικά!



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