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New on 500px : Earth and Sea by Christina_Angquico by Christina_Angquico

Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City Oregon. I know I have probably shot this frame a hundred times in the past but the light I got that day makes this one post worthy.

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New on 500px : Amazing lightning strakes by SandroPuncet by SandroPuncet

13.7.2014. M.Lošinj/ Croatia
Fb page: Sandro Puncet Photos

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New on 500px : Purity by stianklo by stianklo

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New on 500px : Fear by tpoulton001 by tpoulton001

I’ll be hosting another adventure to Tasmania in a couple of weeks with this amazing little boat shed on the beach plus some time up in the snow at Cradle Mountain. With a hike to either Lake Rodway or Kitchener’s Hut we should see some amazing conditions.

Check out my website or Facebook page for more details of upcoming adventures.



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New on 500px : Pokhara’s Ships by MatteReddy by MatteReddy

During the travel in Nepal, shoot tho colors ships in the Pokhara’s lake.

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