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New on 500px : Your Mission If You Choose…2520 by mjhpdx by mjhpdx

to accept it is: to photograph the grand canyon at sunset and capture the majesty. Very challenging for me indeed.

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New on 500px : Last Light at Cape Royal – North Rim by PatKofahl by PatKofahl

Please press “H” then “M” for a much better view!
The last rays of sunset Illuminate Wotans Throne, the Southernmost tip of the Walhalla Plateau on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. A thousand feet higher in altitude than the South Rim, This point affords a commanding and majestic view of the Grand Canyon.

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New on 500px : Red Rain by projas by projas

Virga catching early morning light at the Grand Canyon North Rim.

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New on 500px : Elementary | Toroweap Sunset by bkuPhotography by bkuPhotography

Sun, earth, and water. Simple elements that create a majestic scene 3000 feet above the Colorado River. This trip with my dad was one of the most memorable we’ve had together. Standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon staring straight down into the Colorado River as the blazing sun illuminated the canyon, camping out and cooking in a little alcove as the only two people in the area, and sleeping in a freezing SUV with frost developing around our toes made it an experience I will never forget.
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