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New on 500px : Midnight sun by Kordan by Kordan

I have just reached amazing and my beloved Senja island. Making the tiny project 5nights5hikes. Every night I will get to one of the Senja ridges to reach the Midnight sun.

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New on 500px : frozen gold by FelixInden by FelixInden

I shot this vertorama on one of my most remarkable evening of landscape photography.
I found the files for this stitch while screening through my older folders and i was very happy that with the processing skills i learned over the last year i was abled to get this done.
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New on 500px : Exceedingly Typical by OleHenrikSkjelstad by OleHenrikSkjelstad

I do think this image can be classified as an exceedingly typical Ole Henrik work. A sunset – reflections – a tree or two – lots of colors etc etc. However, I can not be held responsible for the colors. It was crazy this late June evening. I am actually worried I have not been able to do the colors justice. The image looked nice last evening in a dark room – it might perhaps come across a bit too dark in a light room. Not sure.

Anyway, the image is thoroughly approved by the entire Skjelstad household + our two German guests, Esmeralda and Daniel all from whom I expect a vote or two 😉

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New on 500px : Purity by stianklo by stianklo

If you want the chance to explore the Arctic and Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway in particular, please check out www.lofotentours.com for phototours/workshops + additional information, itineraries and more pictures. Tourguides are Arild Heitmann and yours truly. Book your spot today at Lofoten Tours Website and be sure to follow us at FacebookPersonal FacebookGoogle+TwitterInstagram

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New on 500px : Living On The Fjord IV by Fotografan by Fotografan

Tennes taken from Vindstad. Press M for better view. Have a great Sunday!

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