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New on 500px : Ontarian Sun by ADWheeler by ADWheeler

3:40am, gotta be up at 6am…what am I doing? Editing and posting a shot from my stop at Hamlin Beach on Ontario lake tonight. Insomnia? Nerves? Nope…FIRES, or at least fire alarms. Fire alarm here at the hotel went off at 2:30am sent us all out to the parking lot for 40mins. Nice community building exercise, but did nothing for my sleep cycle. At least you get a photo out of it. 🙂

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New on 500px : Capt’s Landing by pkefali by pkefali

Capt’s Landing in Alexandria Bay, New York. On the St. Lawrence River. 1000 Islands Region…
This is a 3 exposure HDR, Handheld, so not as sharp as i wanted…
If you look between the buildings, in the background is Heart Island, and the building visible is Boldt Castle.

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New on 500px : NY Sunset by Joseph_T_Meirose_IV by Joseph_T_Meirose_IV

An iPhone capture as the family and I returned from a day of kayaking yesterday. We got back just before dark and the bugs came out. This is my 9 yr old daughter, Lauren, trying to do SUP on her kayak in front of the boat ramp. Didn’t go so well. haha

Near Southwick Beach State Park in upstate NY. I held my polarized sunglasses up to my iPhone when I made this shot. hehe

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