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New on 500px : Imminent Connection by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

Stars fade before sunrise at Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington. Looks best on black.

You never know when you’re on the cusp of something great.
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New on 500px : Rush by bangbing by bangbing

Best viewed on Black.

Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park

I first saw these two giant sea stacks from Marc Adamus’s absolutely powerful and dramatic photo “Fire Light“. But when I reached Rialto Beach, I barely recognized these two until walking along the coast for over 1 mile towards north.

What disappointed me were the footprints all over the place surrounding the two towers, and sadly there was almost no cloud on the sky. The tide level was still pretty low when the sun started to set. I took a couple of photos with sun stars, but really hated the endless footprints on the foreground, and decided to wait. About an hour after sunset, the tide finally raised, and ocean waves removed all footprints. The two towers started to reveal its real beauty to us.

I was so dedicated to capturing the perfect moment of ocean waves before I realized the tide almost blocked the way back to the tail head. To get back, we ended up experiencing an “exciting” trip between waves.

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New on 500px : Rialto Dreams by cwexplorationphotography by cwexplorationphotography

++view on black for the full experience++

So my last post was a bit dark and moody; hopefully this makes up for that I’m still itching to get back here to score some clouds, but in any case this was one heck of a night and a ton of fun. This was taken this past December at Rialto Beach on the Olympic Peninsula. I got nailed by a few waves getting this shot but I really wanted to get this cool rock formation in the foreground, lots of fun!

Rialto Beach, Olympic Peninsula, WA


Prints: cwexplorationphotography@gmail.com


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New on 500px : Last Dance by cwexplorationphotography by cwexplorationphotography

++View on Black++

This is a little less famous and well known view of Ruby Beach on the Olympic Peninsula. If you walk through the river (yes a river, well at high tide anyways) to the side of the beach with famous haystacks there are a few areas of smaller boulders and haystacks that don’t get photographed very often. I decided to give the area a shot and put together a few different compositions before heading toward the more well known scenery. After playing dodge the wave a number of times (the tide was coming in at a pretty good clip) I was able to snag this image.

Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park, WA


Prints: cwexplorationphotography@gmail.com


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New on 500px : Sunset at Shi Shi Beach by bangbing by bangbing

Best viewed in BLACK 🙂

In my opinion, Shi Shi Beach is the most beautiful beach in Olympic National Park. Point of Arches, a mile-long cavalcade of sea stacks and natural arches, at the south end of Shi Shi Beach is truly a paradise for photographers. It is also featured by the unique rock formations on the ground.

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New on 500px : Crossing the Divide by snyder7 by snyder7

Photoshop instruction via Skype | Tutorial Video | Prints | Facebook Can I please suggest that you see this in the black screen?

The forest has been kind to me this year. Each time I’ve gone to the rainforest, I’ve come back with at least a keeper. The coast on the other hand, hasn’t played along so well.

Every process has a beginning, a middle and an end. Each part of the process, has three parts as well: the beginning of the beginning, the middle of the beginning, the end of the beginning, and so on.

The middle in any process, is The Great Divide. That part where the beginning and the enthusiasm related to getting going is long gone, and the end is still too far away. This is where processes either derail, or gain momentum and flourish. Whatever the case, the energy required to move along comes from within us.

On this particular shooting excursion, I had hit the middle the day before. I felt tired, grumpy, filthy (hadn’t showered in several days). I had no desire to shoot, explore, etc. Nothing! The strategy employed when this happened, was to simply chill, don’t force things and simply observe and let go.

The following morning, which is when this photograph was made, my energy was back up again, and I was ready to open myself to observing again. And it didn’t take long to found this scene.

The way the hanging moss on the trees gets lit by the rising sun, makes them seem like they are lit by electricity. The bed of clover on the ground compliments the entire frame rather nicely!

Let me know what you think, ok!

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New on 500px : All Eyes by RyanDyar by RyanDyar

Yes, yes. This is one of the most iconic compositions from Ruby Beach… hell, even from most of Olympic National Park. But I just wanted to grab it real quick while out there with my friends Miles and Nagesh.

It was a busy night on the beach with a mass transit of photographers, so I ended up having to clone out a few guys from the frame. This is also a stitch of two horizontal frames on top of each other to get the perspective I was after here. Also a couple shots for dynamic range.

I’ve got a new video release I’m working on that covers some of this perspective blending stuff, as well as a few other types of perspective control techniques I use.

There is also a BIG workshop announcement coming up for some epic international Aurora stuff that I’m super duper stoked on.

Anyways, I recently released a tutorial video that covers some of the techniques I use in my processing (ones that were used in the making of this image). I also lead in-field workshops, teach processing online via Skype screen sharing, and blah blah blah… check it all out at Ryan Dyar Photography

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New on 500px : a fleeting second by denemiles by denemiles

Olympic National Park in WA is one of my favorite parks on the planet. I grew up visiting this area and never tire of the diverse landscape it offers, mountains, ocean, lush rainforest, Twilight. Here’s one of the many grand views this park has to soak in. Anyone shooting here this weekend?

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New on 500px : The Strange by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

*WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT* Join Alex Mody and I for an awesome four days in Olympic National Park, this September 25-28. We will photograph rugged seascapes, autumn in the rainforest, waterfalls, and if weather permits, autumn alpine scenes up on Hurricane Ridge. For more information or to register, click HERE.

This one NEEDS to be viewed on black, not due to darkness, but to eliminate distractions since it’s fairly complex.

This image is from the Hoh Rainforest a few weeks ago. Since I went about a month earlier this year than last, my images were completely different. Didn’t really shoot any dramatic, striking stuff in the forest like last year, but rather more intimate scenes like this, which I don’t expect to be as popular over here on 500px.

These spring vine maple leaves, and the way they seemed to glow against their less-saturated surroundings, commanded most of my attention. Their prominence made it even harder to simplify an already complex subject such as the rainforest, but I liked how they looked as though they were an explosion of green frozen in motion. I would also typically seek to exclude elements like the dead ferns below, but I thought the springing of new life here worked well as a contrast. I shot this with dappled light as well, but soft light ended up working best, because direct light added unnecessary complexity to the scene.

Three exposures for depth of field here. I was able to use very long exposures at ISO 50, due to the perfectly still nature of this morning, and the inherently low dynamic range of the scene.

If you like the way my images look, you may also be interested in the fact that I teach my processing workflow over Skype! More information here.

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