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New on 500px : Lost Canyon by Bsam by Bsam

It is two years in the making of this image. I went to this place several time but failed to have to condition I would like to have. At last, persistence did pay. All elements have been met.

Your support and constructive comment is greatly appreciated in advance.

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New on 500px : Hidden Waterfall by northwestcapture by northwestcapture

I spent a little time in the Gorge this past weekend and it’s as green as I could possibly imagine any place being. This one was taken in the rain on my last morning there.

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New on 500px : Oneonta Falls by mattk by mattk

This photo is from Oneonta Falls just outside of Portland, Oregon. Oneonta has been on my photography bucket-list for years, and I finally got the chance to visit. The weather was beautiful (although the water was a bit cold) and we were treated to some light rays coming across the falls at just the right time.

I wrote a full story about my trip, along with some other photos over on my blog at: www.mattk.com

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