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New on 500px : The soul by rahul_khandelwal by rahul_khandelwal

A place where one cannot take a bad picture. Antelope Slot Canyons, Page Az

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New on 500px : Dar La Luz by MichaelBandy by MichaelBandy

I took this photo in the Lower Antelope slot Canyon outside of Page, Az. Such an awesome place. This particular comp seems to remind everyone of a certain part of female anatomy so I went with that theme a bit in the title. Hope you guys like this shot in all it’s suggestiveness.

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New on 500px : Desert Dreams by Shainblum by Shainblum

Better On Black!

After a rainy, cloudy, and stormy day near the Grand Canyon, Toby Harriman and I found a nice spot to camp. After hours of overcast weather we started to see a big opening in the clouds. Guess what it was full of? ….STARS! I took a few shots of the Galaxy, it was a beautiful night.

If you want to learn how to process images like this, check out Dave Morrow and my tutorial.

To see more please visit:



Thanks so much for checking out the image, if you enjoy it share it around.

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New on 500px : Dramatic colors at Horshoe Bend by MichaelBandy by MichaelBandy

On the last night of our whirlwind photo trip we were treated to a pretty decent sunset at Horseshoe Bend. Now I won’t lie, I coaxed a lot of color out of this shot. The dynamic range was pretty crazy so I blended 3 exposures in Photoshop to achieve this shot. Either way, I hope you guys like it.

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New on 500px : Horseshoe Glitter by JustinGrimm by JustinGrimm

Feel free to follow, as this is the first of many images that will be added into a brand new portfolio of mine called “For the Bright”! I love the drama and excitement of an epic sunset or moody twilight image, but recently I have been focusing on shooting while the sun is casting beautiful light over a scene. Taking time to study how the light can create more interesting compositions and depth to an image is something I want to strive for in the future.

I have seen countless shots of this bend, but very few have an effective foreground that compliments the horseshoe shape of this awesome place (I dare you to find one!). Utilizing focus blending, I aligned a rock no more then 8 inches from my lens to complete the curve formed by the right cliff face 1000 feet below. I waited till the sun dropped enough to only light up the areas I wanted, and I love the natural bright frame it provided me with.

As for the image title, the glitter comes from all the tiny fruit flies in front of the lens being lit up by the sun. The full res file shows them all, plus you can easily make out boats and individual people at the bottom of the canyon. I can wait to print this for my upcoming art display!

Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy a more cheerful image this time around 🙂

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New on 500px : Pillar of Light by RandyWayne by RandyWayne

This was taken at Upper Antelope canyon in Page, AZ with my point-and-shoot as the Sun was directly overhead -based on the fact that the sun beam is completely vertical.
It was a part of the canyon where the walls were particularly steep with very little natural light coming in.
Why did I use my point and shoot when I had my DSLR on me? I have no idea.

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New on 500px : An Antelope Night by tobyharriman by tobyharriman

*An Antelope Night*

Another shot from my March adventure in Antelope Canyon. So glad to have meet Lionel who runs Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours. If you are looking to get tripoded shots and even do a night tour, this company will make sure that happens! Even during the day in Upper Antelope they work with the other guides to get a break for you to get peopleless shots, never thought that would happen. But getting the whole canyon to myself and of course Lionel at night was definitely the pretty awesome!

I did realize once you get in you really don’t get stars though, expect at the opening, but still cool to light paint and get the freedom of no other tours around.

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New on 500px : Last light at The Horseshoe Bend by rahul_khandelwal by rahul_khandelwal

No matter how many pictures of this place you see online, when you see it for real you will still be amazed!

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New on 500px : Horseshoe Bend in R,G,B by Jingyu by Jingyu

In R,G,B, I mean Red rock, Green river and Blue sky 🙂 This is almost a must-go place for all when you visit Antelope Canyon – such a breathtaking view and easy to hike to. One tour guide recommended us to go there between 2pm-4pm. We arrived at around 2:00 there and captured the view with the river reflecting the sunlight. I wish I could stay longer for the sunset shot.

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