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New on 500px : Palouse Mood by eyeofalens by eyeofalens

Please pop Palouse Mood on Black

Another take on a Palouse Mood shot taken on my recent trip to
Oregon & Washington State .
These falls are rather surreal being that they are in the middle of nowhere.
I have intentionally made the clouds moodier by adding the extra color to the clouds

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New on 500px : Palouse Dark Mood by eyeofalens by eyeofalens

Its dark, its moody …it needs black.

I arrived at Palouse Falls in the far east of Washington State in the afternoon after driving from a cloud encrusted & rainy Mt St Helens.
I then arrived here & thought ohhhh noooo the weather is following me.
But despite the ominous signs not one single drop fell…other than spray that would remarkably make its way up from the gorge below with the wind.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1iDR4HK

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