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New on 500px : Panther Light-mare by cwexplorationphotography by cwexplorationphotography

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I finally made the epic 3 hour (and some change) voyage to Panther Creek this weekend and it was definitely worth it, but man talk about tough shooting conditions! Intense spray accompanied by almost direct sunlight with scattered clouds. This photo was a rough one to put together; lots of multiple exposure blending, it didn’t turn out too bad though. All in all 7 hours of driving and several hours of post processing for one photo…. yikes haha, the things we do for photography.

Panther Creek Falls in spring light, Carson, WA


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New on 500px : Widemouth by DustinGent by DustinGent

I still have a few comps from my last visit to Panther Creek Falls last year. Was looking forward to get back down there to reshoot this with my 14-24, but as chance would have it, I may be laid out for a bit.

Getting here is pretty straight forward and easy. Scale a 7 foot “cliff”, complete with handholds and rope, BUT doing it with one good arm will be interesting. I may attempt this in the coming months.

In any case, there is room for improvement on this comp, but I like this one. My hotshoe of the D700 was literally dug into the log, and I am standing 2 feet below this view (on the lower cascade). Literally I didn’t even see what I was shooting. Makes the fun factor go through the roof 🙂

Find out tomorrow if I need surgery on my shoulder. Gonna be rough, regardless. Be careful out there everyone. I have slipped 1.45 million times in the creeks, but just takes one wrong move..

To my 8 devoted followers, I thank you for the comments! Stay safe!

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New on 500px : Panther Mist by snyder7 by snyder7

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This is Panther Creek Falls in the Gifford-Pinchot Forest in Washington State. And this another image from my recent trip to the Olympic Peninsula and the Columbia Gorge, with fellow photographer Ted Gore. On this day, we were also with two Canadian photographers Rob Lafreniere and Justin Grimm.

Getting to the falls is a bit tricky, and nearly impossible to find if you’ve never been there before, or are going with someone that has. You pretty much park on the side of the road, and walk down an unmarked trail. At the bottom of the trail, you need to find a spot to scramble down to this vantage point, or you could stay up and shoot them at a weird, side angle.

Given that it had rained pretty hard for the past 2 days, the flow on all the waterfalls in the Gorge was pretty strong. On this morning, the spray from the falls themselves was ridiculous. I was wearing waders, rubber boots and a gore-tex jacket. I pretty much looked like an Umpa Lumpa. However, anything that was exposed, was soaking wet after just a few moments.

I ran out of dry cloths to wipe my lens dry, so I used my rocket blower to dry the front of the lens as best as possible, and stuck the camera into a zip lock plastic bag. The idea was to compose and get ready to shoot as soon as you pressed the shutter button. This was the only workable photograph from that day. Everything else is covered in water drops.

Message me if you would like to learn more about my work, get information about prints, etc. Otherwise, your comments are very welcome!

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New on 500px : The Prowling Panther by AaronReedPhotography by AaronReedPhotography

Artist: Aaron Reed Title: Prowling Panther Website: http://ift.tt/12VidRu My wonderful wife made a great sacrifice this weekend by caring for Addy by herself, allowing me to slip away to Oregon to do a little shooting. As many of you saw earlier, I made two trips to the beautiful Panther Creek Falls, once with Lance Rudge where we got skunked by the mist and the sun and a return trip today to seek redemption. This is one of the images I was able to capture on the return trip. Thank you Blue…I owe you one.
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New on 500px : Panther Take by MarkMetternich by MarkMetternich

Trying to get a brand new take on Panther Creek Falls (Columbia River Gorge) I found a way to duct tape my fully extended tripod upside down off a downed tree, camera also upside down, only a few inches off the water using the Canon 14mmL2. With chest waders on I stood in lower/chest deep water and nervously found the composition I wanted. I pulled it off without an insurance claim, so that was good! I took a hand full of shots but got nervous because my camera was getting totally drenched. Happy shooting! 🙂 Feel free to Facebook me if you choose. More images at WildForLight.com *Most accurately viewed on a well calibrated desktop monitor, viewing through Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.
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