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New on 500px : Old Paria by jwwdvm by jwwdvm

Life has conspired to keep me away from photography recently, so I processed an image from several months ago. (Yep, better if viewed on black.)

In April my brother and I camped in a wash at the edge of the road with this view of Old Paria in southern Utah. I took the foreground around 7 p.m. while the moon was still up, and after setting the alarm for 2 a.m. went to bed. When the alarm went off, I poked my head out of the tent and found the sky completely covered with clouds. Discouraged, I went back to sleep. An hour later my brother was making a racket outside my tent, and when I poked my head out I found this sky (and my brother asking something like, “Are you going to photograph this, or what?”)

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New on 500px : Dancing Lines by jhoomes by jhoomes

Climb out of your tent at 3:00 am and drive over thousands of potholes and washboards (in a Honda Civic). Hike in the dark for miles over slickrock and sand. Just so you can be the first to arrive at the Wave the day of your permit and have the place all to yourself for a few fleeting minutes.
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