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New on 500px : Paris by TristanCardew by TristanCardew

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Paris at sunset from Tour Montparnasse.


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New on 500px : Paris Rain by edbannister by edbannister

Every visit rewards, and even at the Eiffel, every visit brings a different look.

i waited for an hour to take this, there was a tour bus in the foreground.. : )

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New on 500px : I’m watching you by sreealy by sreealy

The view of Paris from the Notre-dame de Paris Cathedral. These gargoyles are not merely decorative. Originally, the sculptures were waterspouts to protect the foundation from rain. Since most people in Medieval days could not read, the carvings took on the important role of illustrating lessons from the from the scriptures.In the late 1700s, architects disliked gargoyles and other grotesque statues. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and many other Gothic buildings were stripped of devils, dragons, griffins, and other grotesqueries. The ornaments were restored to their perches during a careful restoration in the 1800s.

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New on 500px : Louvre by sreealy by sreealy

Louvre @ night . . ( couldn’t avoid some headless fellows in the frame !! )

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