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New on 500px : A Dream Within a Dream by PedroQuintela1 by PedroQuintela1

My title is based on a 1849 Allan Poe´s poem that questions how can we distinguish between reality and fantasy. And this is very pertinent, because my sunset landscape was idealized before I shot it. In a couple of previous trips the forecast didn´t help, due to a very clean sky once and too much cloudy on the subsequent.

But, as always, I persiste and some weeks ago tried again. The day wasn´t what I want when I set all the gear and started to feel a bit demotivated. Then I notice a group of photographers in a spot above me and I was in his range… When I was starting to find another spot looked at the sky and that was what I dreamed! Was that real or was I dreaming? I only could make two single shots, using a 0.9 ND grad, a remote with the wide angle lens, before it all faded away, like… a dream.

I´m very glad to be here one more time, seeing all your amazing works, that inspire me so much. Hope that you like my vision, because was made from my heart and specially to be display on 500px. Thanks so much for your support in particular for not forgetting me, due to my forced absence last weeks. It means a lot to me. Have a great day and please feel free to comment in a constructive way.

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New on 500px : Until We Meet Again by PedroQuintela1 by PedroQuintela1

Helen Keller wrote that “the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart”. That´s what I felt on my last trips to Monsanto. In this occasion I intend to capture, at sunset, a location int the village that I called “Bowler Street”. Stood there until get the proper mood and light. I hope you can feel a little of what I experienced.

On the technical aspect, I preferred to use a wide aperture to give a more natural look to the scene. If I used a very close F Stop, the light in the street lamp will have that ethereal look, that I used on the first image of Monsanto.

Last, but not the least, I want to thank, deeply, the friends that didn’t forget me and contact me during my absence.

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New on 500px : Legacy of the Brave by PedroQuintela1 by PedroQuintela1

This image has a curious story. Some weeks ago a friend of mine told me that he liked my gallery, but my approach is always too classic. I answered that I’m a classic guy, always be and always will. Nevertheless, that idea didn’t left my mind, so when I visited this 10th century castle, in Marvão, I had the chance.
Part of my life has been devoted to History, now imagine my feelings when it connects to one of the other things that makes me tick…
So when I saw this path, make the composition mentally and went for it. Hope you like the final output. I just waited for the proper clouds to be over this area. Used also a CPL, the wide angle lenses do create this perspective and give depth to the composition.
This also reminded me what Henry Miller once said: “one’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things”.

Thanks for sharing, commenting, voting and support me. You nourish my dreams that it’s priceless.

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New on 500px : Life Chronicles by PedroQuintela1 by PedroQuintela1

By this moment is clear to me that shooting landscapes became my goal on this passion of me. I dream about it, study and research the best ways of capture that place that fulfills my heart and mind. For several reasons I can’t travel very far, so every weekend is a challenge to get some new place on my predefined radius.

Today I bring a view of the most important river of Portugal, called Tejo, with the 13th century castle of Belver. Used my Big Stopper to achieve 5 seconds of LE and get a flat water river flow.

The (bit unstable) path from witch I made this shot has a 3 km length and during my period of shooting I needed to ask the people to stop a little and explained that their steps shacked my tripod and the image will be blurry. Everyone was very kind with me. My today’s quote is about it “By persisting in your path, though you forfeit the little, you gain the great.” – Ralph W. Emerson.

Thanks as always for the big support and the warmth that many gave me. Again I feel truly blessed to have your attention.

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New on 500px : Fortress of Solitude by PedroQuintela1 by PedroQuintela1

This image was captured yesterday, at sunset time. I needed very badly to get out for a while and relax, so headed directly to my fortress of solitude, a place where this tree is located, alone, far from the others. Some may know her already because of that glorious rainbow. For me it´s a real example of life, stood by itself, against all the elements of nature, proudly!

Light was fading (as always) but this time I had on the gear in place, tripod, 0.6 Nd grad, the 24-105, remote… and then the low battery warning starts! Couldn’t run to the car because was far, so cross my fingers, didn’t use the LCD. Literally it stopped at my last shot!

Beside that I wanna thank, from my heart a little group of friends that are giving me all the stengh in the world to carry on. I feel real bleassed. This image is for YOU and for a special person. Don’t name her but she’s there always. Thanks also to Ahmed for the technical support of this one. Have the greatest weekend with great clicks.

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New on 500px : Wind, Sun and Stone by PedroQuintela1 by PedroQuintela1

Monsanto was built under and over the granite. Due to the interest motivated by one of my last images, I decided to revisit the antique village and try to capture a little more of its spirit. After a couple of hours I found this place that, at least to me, symbolizes the roughness of living among the boulders since many, many centuries.
With this God´s view I had no other chance but make a panorama shot, blending three images, because only one couldn’t show all the beauty. This was trickier than I first thought, because of the 17 mm distortion and the lack of space. Also used a 0,9 ND grad and placed the tripod to wait for the (windy) sunset, in particulary the moment of the sun flair, to add a little more magic.
I hope you all like it and if you want I´ll upload some more. Have a great day and thanks so much for the support and comments.

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New on 500px : Seeds of Promise by PedroQuintela1 by PedroQuintela1

Nature is always a mystery to me and during the seasons the transformations are unbelievable. The rolling grass has a certain charm in it, and I couldn´t miss visit a field and capture it at sunset. This image was done in a bit of a hurry, because the location is low place and the light faded away in less then 5 minutes. I run the fast I could and handheld the camera, with a 0,9 ND grad and start shooting.

I hope you like my new work. It was made with a lot love and joy. Thank you for be here, supporting my craft, no matter what. More to come soon, so stay tune in to my channel. 🙂

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New on 500px : Across the Horizon by PedroQuintela1 by PedroQuintela1

My today´s image embraces again my quest for seeking natural and human beauty. In this case they were bonded for hundreds of years ago in the village of Monsanto. It’s a panorama and Le shot, because the view was to wide to get it and light was fading.

With traces of man is from Early Stone Age, and Elected the “most Portuguese village of Portugal” in 1938, Monsanto has is unique. Built around granite boulders of varying sizes, many houses are actually within the rocks. The countryside has breathtaking views across Portugal and Spain.
I kindly ask you to take a few seconds, breath and enjoy the view. Thanks for the visit and support, as always! Be happy, please. 🙂

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New on 500px : Tree of Life by PedroQuintela1 by PedroQuintela1

My today´s image is a tribute to the Impressionism, the movement when the act of painting got out of the studios. The Impressionists found that they could capture the transient effects of sunlight by painting on open air. They intent to achieve intense color vibrations. Curiously this was a reaction against photography, so my homage is to those brave man who didn´t give up. And that´s what we all should do! Have a great day my friends and thanks for your support, as always.
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New on 500px : Mrs. Spring by PedroQuintela1 by PedroQuintela1

With great joy I present you Mrs. Spring, a lovely lady who dresses very elegantly and colorful, smells always great and has a smile all over her face. In the words of Christina Rossetti, “Spring is when life’s alive in everything”. So please, my friends, put a smile on your faces and be happy!
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