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New on 500px : Beacon of Light by hdornanphoto by hdornanphoto

Another long exposure shot from the Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills. This is my favorite view point of the Tokyo Tower. It’s not cheap though at 2000 yen, but still worth it.

A little bit of selective coloring done in post processing in CS6.

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New on 500px : Stormy friday by zsooozs by zsooozs

Photo tours in Lofoten/Norway available.
Details here: 68 North Photo Tours
My portfolio: Gallery

Ana glacial lake / Retezat mountains / Romania

…multiple exposures for depth of field and one exposure for the sky.

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New on 500px : Edit Edit Edit by ValerieMillett by ValerieMillett

“When the artist is alive in any person, whatever his kind of work may be, he becomes an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressive creature. He becomes interesting to other people. He disturbs, upsets, enlightens, and opens ways for better understanding. Where those who are not artists are trying to close the book, he opens it and shows there are still more pages possible.”
― Robert Henri

Never let anyone tell you how to express yourself. Never let anyone tell you how find yourself, your style or how to create and explore your art. Don’t let them close your book. Whatever the medium, paint, photography, video, the digital brush or the sable brush, it’s YOUR art. There’s no wrong way to do it or master it. There isn’t ONE expert on the planet to say otherwise or one opinion that matters in the least. Want to excel? Listen and trust your own voice and follow your own path.

Remember that. Just be…
Open your book, be wonderful, be an expressive creature.
Damn the torpedoes!

Digital painting of my photography in Death Valley National Park

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New on 500px : The last flight by spicerpip by spicerpip

I took this photograph from behind a chain link fence. The plane sits by the main gate of the barracks at Yeovil Air Base. I had to replace the under carriage, replace the reflections of the barracks for those of clouds. I added jet streams and an afterburner heat haze, added clouds. Cut out using the pen tool in Photoshop.

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