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New on 500px : Castelluccio & the Devil by LoriFullFrame by LoriFullFrame

it was a gray day, i mounted the tripod and i waited … in its place came the devil, with all the horns at complete set … so I quickly snapped this bracketing and immediately i ran away as a rocket …. I’m not yet ready for hell ! have a sunny sunday to you all, and remember … visit KUJAJA.com
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New on 500px : Piangrande – Casteluccio by LoriFullFrame by LoriFullFrame

I turn my back to the beautiful Mount Vettore, hooded by clouds, this is the view on the opposite direction, towards bottom of ancient lake of glacial era, fertle soil where grow the famous lentils of Castelluccio. it was a gray day and low light, but Castelluccio is one of those places where you always feel the magic around you … *********************************** KUJAJA.com We are a growing group of photographers who joined creative forces to realise photography projects for charity organisations. We make photobooks, ebooks, organise exhibitions, run weekly competitions, blog and share our works and experiences. Take a look on the site, your help is important!
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