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New on 500px : Ila Lighthouse by Knut_Aage by Knut_Aage

After many attempts to locate a way to get close to this lighthouse without walking a mile or passing 3 line railroad lines, I finally got here. The view was just how I had imagined it to be, standing at the docks looking at it from another view. I tried short exposures, but I have always had a romance with long exposure photography. And it didn’t get any worse after I bought LEE BIG STOPPER. Using Big Stopper and a ND Grad to even out sky and foreground, I Felt the line leading up towards the lighthouse would be the main feature in the foreground. The sunset was beautiful and I’m happy with the final result. Even thou my Big Stopper got carried with the wind, making the glass vs stone sound mid-photo session. The green light you see at the lighthouse is from the lighthouse itself.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1peL0N4

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