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New on 500px : Overload by AaronMPhoto by AaronMPhoto

After days spent hiking to a number of waterfalls, several breweries, and a few hours stuck in the snow, my 3 day trip to the Columbia River Gorge ended at Proxy Falls.

I arrived early so I could have time to figure out what compositions I wanted. The sun stayed behind the trees and out of the way until just after 10:30am, giving me over 2 hours to shoot with beautiful soft light. Once the sun came out I watched as the classic “light beams” came out. Ultimately I decided not to use those photos because I felt they distracted from the stunning waterfall!

Nikon D800 w/Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8 ED-IF AF-S:
17mm, f/9, 0.8 sec, ISO 100

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New on 500px : Burn Brighter by YegorMalinovskii by YegorMalinovskii

Cold January morning at the Portland Headlight.
I guess this shot should have been called “20 Seconds”, as it’s how long that light was present before the storm moved in.
And today for some reason I’m missing snow and cold weather – living in Maine for 6 years starting to rub off on me.

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New on 500px : Neverland by ramij by ramij

Neverland – Columbia River Gorge, OR

What does this weekend have in store? Hopefully some more of this kind of action.

This is fairy falls, one of the more unique cascading falls in the gorge. Unfortunately someone decided to strip away the right side of the falls which was also covered in ferns. Kind of lame but forced me to think differently about composing a shot that would work.

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