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New on 500px : Princes Pier by DebashisTalukdar by DebashisTalukdar

This is perhaps a favourite hangout for many-a-Melbourne-based photographer. The post-piles are the remnants of what used to make up Princes Pier. At one time, this timber pier used to extend out into the waters of Port Philip Bay, and was the landing for many seafaring vessels. After falling into disrepair, a project in the late 2000s did away with the top of the pier, and constructed a concrete pier which now serves as a local park of sorts to visitors. It is a common spot for anglers to spend some time trying to take something home.
On this particular autumn morning in 2013, I had taken a drive that way after seeing that the sunrise was looking very promising. A few anglers had already pitched their spots and were sharing stories as I showed up to take this particular shot. I am quite happy to say that very little has been done to this image from its version that came straight out of camera – which is an indication that the light and conditions were just perfect. The stillness of the water was the result of a combination of there being very little wind in the morning, and from using an ND400 filter.

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New on 500px : Princes Pier: Blue Hour by All4Nature by All4Nature

Hello Friends,
Digging up the archives to finish unprocessed old work brought me to the Melbourne series. We spend a good couple of hours on the Princes pier from sunset onwards and included this beautiful blue hour.
The Light was fading but still enough to bring out all the details in this 152 second exposure. The overall lighting was tricky as the pier was illuminated by some sort of halogen bulbs with a strong yellow cast.
Enjoy the Light.

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New on 500px : Princess pier at dusk by AndreiSatcau by AndreiSatcau

I missed a beautiful sunset but still managed a capture i was happy with
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