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New on 500px : SUNRISE AT ALKHOR SHORELINE by michaelgerardceralde by michaelgerardceralde

Al Khor is a coastal city in northern Qatar, located 50 kilometres north of the capital, Doha. The name of the city means creek in Persian as the town is located on a creek. Al Khor is home to many employees of the oil industry due to its proximity to Qatar’s northern oil and natural gas fields, and due to its proximity to the Ras Laffan Industrial City.

Al Khor was ruled by the Al Mohanadi tribe before the independence of Qatar in 1971 and continues to be today. It is believed that the Al Mohanadi tribe who live in Al Khor was formed in the 18th century. The tribe consists of 7 Bedouin families. Nowadays, the majority of Al-Khor’s citizens are from that tribe.

Al Khor is known with Al-Sultan beach hotel & resort, a palace that turned into a hotel, and for its large concentration of modern and historical mosques. The main industry of the city is fishing. There are several excellent beaches surrounding Al Khor, and the beaches south of it are home to many beach houses owned by both residents of the city and residents of Doha.

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New on 500px : Lonely Old Tree by A3A93 by A3A93

This picture was taken in Saudi Arabia.

I like to take it because it was alone in that desert ;D.

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