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New on 500px : My secret spot by Luminous_Light by Luminous_Light

Have been shooting here for about a year and only just came across this beautiful view hidden down a small dirt track.

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New on 500px : A New Beginning by mvlow by mvlow

A new day begins at sunrise at Sparks Lake in Central Oregon.

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New on 500px : ILLUSION by jamankef by jamankef

Beautiful place in the old, where original parliament was told.
What´s up? or down, left is right, sky bright or lake,
nothing is as seems, everything illusion, even constitution.
Beautiful reflection, disturbed by intrusion, of execution………
Because, the demented queen of Ice, demanded sacrifice.
A flying head, made ripple in the Saga.

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New on 500px : Reflections of Vestrahorn by RyanBuchanan by RyanBuchanan

Best viewed on black—A quiet evening at Mount Vestrahorn in Iceland. The tide was on its way out but I managed to capture the only reflection shot I could. The clouds were interesting in that they diffused the light and allowed for some nice color range from left to right. I darkened the edges of the frame which forces the eye more into the scene. I know it’s not the best composition but like how the two sides and spectrum of color draw the eye back and forth.


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New on 500px : frozen gold by FelixInden by FelixInden

I shot this vertorama on one of my most remarkable evening of landscape photography.
I found the files for this stitch while screening through my older folders and i was very happy that with the processing skills i learned over the last year i was abled to get this done.
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