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New on 500px : Golden Aura by parisa049 by parisa049

The hardest lesson in life is knowing what bridges to cross and which ones to burn .

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New on 500px : The mountain by Woodentom by Woodentom

i had booked a night near this very famous place but the weather was terrible. i spent the night waiting for a window of opportunity and got soaked for most of it but when the rain did stop there were a few moments of bliss

this must be the most iconic mountain i have seen on 500px

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New on 500px : After The Rain by parisa049 by parisa049

There was a crazy rain storm right before I left work but started to clear on my way home. The clouds were still gathering so I took a chance and went to one the the marshes at the Loop. Glad I went or I would have missed this awesome sunset. Thank you for your support…and for visiting my page 🙂
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