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I wasn’t planning on visiting the 9/11 Memorial during my short stay in New York, but on my final day I spent five minutes in passing. The energy and the crowd was unlike any other during my visit, there was complete stillness and quiet.
I was young and didn’t know anyone personally affected by the event. I cannot say I know what the families and friends must have went through.
I’m now glad I decided to spend that moment with the hundreds of others paying their respects.

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Location : Ayutthaya Historical Park, Thailand

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The most striking feature at Wat Lokayasutharam in Ayutthaya is the giant reclining Buddha known as Phra Buddhasaiyart. At 37 meters long and 8 meters high.

The head is resting on a lotus and at the opposite end of the body, the legs and feet overlap squarely. The area at ground level beneath the head is covered in tiny squares of gold-leaf which have been paced there by people making merit. Flowers and incense are also presented as offerings. Phra Buddhasaiyart has been restored on a number of occasions in modern times. Most recently, the flooding of late 2011 caused some cosmetic damage which the Department of Fine Arts has now repaired.

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