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New on 500px : Symphony at Dusk by nageshm by nageshm

Receding waves a midst a vibrant sunset along Washington’s Rialto Beach. Had a great time shooting alongside 2 amazing photographers; Ryan Dyar and Miles Morgan. Ryan also leads workshops and you should check it out.

Several of Alex Noriega’s techniques are used in this image. The editing master is now offering workshops via Skype. He is awesome and incredibly talented. Hit him up if you want to improve your editing: http://ift.tt/1qQiVtx I did and I’m super happy!!

Best viewed on Black!

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New on 500px : Imminent Connection by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

Stars fade before sunrise at Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington. Looks best on black.

You never know when you’re on the cusp of something great.
Check out this workshop Alex Mody Photography and I are offering this September here at Olympic (only four spots remaining): http://ift.tt/1nfoq70

I also offer post-processing instruction: http://ift.tt/1mDsVGg

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New on 500px : Rush by bangbing by bangbing

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Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park

I first saw these two giant sea stacks from Marc Adamus’s absolutely powerful and dramatic photo “Fire Light“. But when I reached Rialto Beach, I barely recognized these two until walking along the coast for over 1 mile towards north.

What disappointed me were the footprints all over the place surrounding the two towers, and sadly there was almost no cloud on the sky. The tide level was still pretty low when the sun started to set. I took a couple of photos with sun stars, but really hated the endless footprints on the foreground, and decided to wait. About an hour after sunset, the tide finally raised, and ocean waves removed all footprints. The two towers started to reveal its real beauty to us.

I was so dedicated to capturing the perfect moment of ocean waves before I realized the tide almost blocked the way back to the tail head. To get back, we ended up experiencing an “exciting” trip between waves.

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New on 500px : Rialto Dreams by cwexplorationphotography by cwexplorationphotography

++view on black for the full experience++

So my last post was a bit dark and moody; hopefully this makes up for that I’m still itching to get back here to score some clouds, but in any case this was one heck of a night and a ton of fun. This was taken this past December at Rialto Beach on the Olympic Peninsula. I got nailed by a few waves getting this shot but I really wanted to get this cool rock formation in the foreground, lots of fun!

Rialto Beach, Olympic Peninsula, WA


Prints: cwexplorationphotography@gmail.com


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New on 500px : Sand Castles by josephrossbach by josephrossbach

Twin Rocks at sunset from Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington

It was a good night 🙂

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