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New on 500px : Exceedingly Typical by OleHenrikSkjelstad by OleHenrikSkjelstad

I do think this image can be classified as an exceedingly typical Ole Henrik work. A sunset – reflections – a tree or two – lots of colors etc etc. However, I can not be held responsible for the colors. It was crazy this late June evening. I am actually worried I have not been able to do the colors justice. The image looked nice last evening in a dark room – it might perhaps come across a bit too dark in a light room. Not sure.

Anyway, the image is thoroughly approved by the entire Skjelstad household + our two German guests, Esmeralda and Daniel all from whom I expect a vote or two 😉

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New on 500px : Awestruck…..again… by OleHenrikSkjelstad by OleHenrikSkjelstad

I got some really weird clouds some evenings ago at my favorite lake. Only the lower parts of the clouds that were hovering above the hills took on color from the descending sun. It was around 11 pm.

I was done editing the image this night and didn’t think much of it. But, I posted it on one of the landscape groups on Facebook and to my surprise it has been well received. I am truly hopeless at assessing my own images.

The base is actually a 5 frame hdr. Hand-blending a tree against a sky always drives me nuts. Took out a default (bland, boring, dull) version from Nik’s hdr software. Massaged the output in Lightroom as if it was a raw file before the image was loaded into Photoshop.

In Ps I have masked in various Nik and Topaz filters, done some midtones work, dodging and burning, masked in a high value of the high pass filter into the sky to increase contrast, added a modest Orton texture, some color work – mostly warming and taking down the blues and removing some magenta color cast…..and etc etc. A couple of hours of PP work.

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New on 500px : Introvert by OleHenrikSkjelstad by OleHenrikSkjelstad

Have posted a version of it before, but I went crazy one morning and deleted the image when it had almost 400 likes – not sure what happened. A mixture of many things, I presume. In this version I have given the boat a little more pop.

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New on 500px : My Favorite Tree by OleHenrikSkjelstad by OleHenrikSkjelstad

I promise to take a break after this one……I edited it just now and it came out so beautifully. I really really don’t want to overload people with my images. Feel totally free to not comment and not vote. That’s okay.

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New on 500px : Almost Midnight by OleHenrikSkjelstad by OleHenrikSkjelstad

When I believed the sunset was over, it began. When I left around midnight the sky was still full of colors. One of the most amazing evenings ever. A blend of two exposures to ensure some shadow detail.

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New on 500px : Wood Work by OleHenrikSkjelstad by OleHenrikSkjelstad

My main interest isn’t capturing birds, but I do admire those who really know this branch within photography. Anyway, two birds (ducks presumably) have sneaked into my exposure.

One exposure – somehow one of my five exposures of this scene contained all the info I needed. I do wonder now and then if my Tokina 16-28 actually increases the camera’s dynamic range. Just speculations….

I really like how this image came out, and you are of course free do disagree. A couple of hours of PP work.

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New on 500px : 11:15 PM by OleHenrikSkjelstad by OleHenrikSkjelstad

This is the light and colors I was chasing late last evening when driving down from a lake that is located in the heights. Had some really nice light and colors at the lake also, but I believe this one beats all the lake images from last evening. A couple of hours of PP work.

Edited while listening to Amorphis, Emperor and Exodus.

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New on 500px : The Final One by OleHenrikSkjelstad by OleHenrikSkjelstad

The third and final LE from that evening when the sky exploded over my head. This was actually the first LE I shot. It was rather underexposed so my exposure for the shadows came in handy in this case. Pretty much processed like the second one, save that this one is given an Orton texture.

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New on 500px : Encompassed by OleHenrikSkjelstad by OleHenrikSkjelstad

Don’t know what to say, really. One exposure from an evening with a nice sunset, perhaps…

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