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New on 500px : Mølnelva by stianklo by stianklo

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New on 500px : Relaxing on the river Mreznica by maliOli by maliOli

The bluish, fresh river of Mreznica is my favorite place for swimming and summer fun.
Fantastic natural scene.

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New on 500px : Mountain Lake by faizan by faizan

This was the reward that awaited me after completing a gruelling, nerve wrecking, absolutely spirit shattering 7km hike to a height of nearly 10,500 feet. This was on the descent from the mountains seen in the background in the remote area of Northern Pakistan known as the Kaghan Valley. Here, in the town of Naran, is the entrance to the popular Saif Ul Malook lake, situated behind the mountains you see on the top.

When we got to the lake, it was snowing and the lake was practically frozen. Disheartened, on the way back I found this opening between the rocks where this stream was gushing forth, forming part of the Kunhar River that cuts through the valley for over a 100km.

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New on 500px : Perfect Start by gjim9beam by gjim9beam

Beautiful sunrise unfolds over the Potomac River on a very calm morning>

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New on 500px : A colorful Bangkok riverside at night by gagankaushal by gagankaushal

A colorful Bangkok riverside at night as seen from my hotel suite.

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New on 500px : A River Runs Through it by cagedust by cagedust

A late night in photographing in Chicago is always a fun experience. This is where the Chicago River ends into Lake Michigan. A grand view with Trump tower as the central sky scraper in the photo.

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