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New on 500px : Landmannalaugar, Iceland by svenbroeckx by svenbroeckx

The view from a mountain top in Landmannalaugar. From the campsite, the walk to the top is 30 minutes. But there is no actual path to it…

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New on 500px : Swiss Kloentaler-Lake by stefanforster by stefanforster

This is one of my first pictures taken from my new Pro-Octocopter. For this shot I sent my D800E with the 14-24mm and the huge Polarizer to the air.

The lake on the picture is the Kloentalerlake in the eastern part of Switzerland.


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New on 500px : Golden Li River by yanzhang by yanzhang

On the day I arrived in Xing Ping (兴坪), the local said to me that it had been raining all the time for a week but just stopped on that day. Then I knew I probably would be lucky to witness some beautiful sunrise and sunset moments during this trip. Indeed, on the third day, I encountered a spectacular sunrise over the beautiful Li River.
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