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New on 500px : Sunset at Zeelandbridge by JanFoto by JanFoto

Beautiful quit sunset at Zeelandbrug.
Colijnsplaat | the Netherlands

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New on 500px : Zama Beach by ToddWall by ToddWall

4 exposures. 120 seconds on the foreground three -2,0,+2 blended of the sky.

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New on 500px : Summer Dells Sunset by Pcoskun by Pcoskun

There wasn’t much storm activity going on around Phoenix, so fellow photographer Nathaniel Smalley and I made a short trip up to Prescott’s beautiful Watson Lake. Driving up the I-17 it looked as if the entire town was being dumped on with rain. One of the largest rain shafts I have seen off in the distance. Getting closer, a couple sprinkles fell onto the roads, and with the sun breaking through, I knew there was a chance for rainbows. It wasn’t long after that we decided to head down a random dirt road and and capture the brilliant rainbow that seemed to last as long as the previous one. We still had about an hour until sunset and about a half hour from our intended destination. We quickly made our way up to the lake and just like last time, by the time we made it the rainbow had just began to vanish. Oh well, 3rd times a charm right? Moments later, the skies began to light up all around as the major storm system had moved further north. It was nice to get a couple of fresh images from here, and I am sure I will be back soon enough. This place is just too beautiful!

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New on 500px : Mountain Lake by faizan by faizan

This was the reward that awaited me after completing a gruelling, nerve wrecking, absolutely spirit shattering 7km hike to a height of nearly 10,500 feet. This was on the descent from the mountains seen in the background in the remote area of Northern Pakistan known as the Kaghan Valley. Here, in the town of Naran, is the entrance to the popular Saif Ul Malook lake, situated behind the mountains you see on the top.

When we got to the lake, it was snowing and the lake was practically frozen. Disheartened, on the way back I found this opening between the rocks where this stream was gushing forth, forming part of the Kunhar River that cuts through the valley for over a 100km.

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New on 500px : Empires by williampatino by williampatino

In these brief moments, I see as though for the very first time. Without spoken word, natures voice testifies of a greater kind. I capture photographs because I am compelled to, even if no one will ever see them. I realise it helps me understand life and who made it. WP — Kiama Australia.

Single exposure, No filters, Samyang 14mm, Sony a7r

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New on 500px : The Construction Vehicle by SaviourMifsud by SaviourMifsud

On Sunday I went to take some picture of the sunset but I was to late and so I was searching for some location to shoot and I found the construction vehicle. Never sow any construction vehicle working in the sea! So I got my shoot!! 🙂

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