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New on 500px : New Beginnings by MasonCummings by MasonCummings

This one looks much better on black, if you feel so inclined…

Well, after more than two weeks of packing and unpacking, schlepping a moving truck 1,500 miles in a two-vehicle caravan with a strung-out cat, and one broken toe; it’s so great to finally be back in Colorado!

Despite my cracked phalange, I was able to get out to shoot once last week, just off Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. Unfortunately I had to throw in the towel on some backpacking plans, but it was still great to get out just once even if it was basically roadside shooting. This particular evening was pretty hazy due to smoke blowing down from wildfires all the way in Canada; visibility in the other direction was probably less than a mile. Still, the smoke made for a pretty nice vivid sunset.

It’s been a while since I’ve shot or processed anything at all, and man do I feel rusty! It’s funny how fast you can loose it when you’re not out shooting regularly. The rock on the right is kind of a nagging reminder of that for me in this comp, but I still felt like I wanted to run with it. I feel even rustier on the processing end, but still really enjoyed struggling through this one and getting my feet wet again. One thing’s for sure, I really can’t wait to start getting back out there and getting the creative gears turning again…

Tomorrow I start my new job with The Wilderness Society and I couldn’t be more excited (and a little nervous). With that, here’s to new beginnings!


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New on 500px : Trail Ridge Dr. in RMNP by gentlone by gentlone

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This is the beginning of Trail Ridge Drive in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. This takes you up and around RMNP and over the mountains. It’s a beautiful scenic drive. Thanks for looking and for all your wonderful comments as well.

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New on 500px : Winter Dreams by wboland by wboland

A partially frozen Dream Lake with a fresh coat of powder after a rare, late spring snow storm moved through Rocky Mountain National Park.

May, 2014

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New on 500px : Silhouette Curves In The Starry Night by MikeBerenson by MikeBerenson

If you ask me, Irene shows her best side on first approach. From the first time I scouted Lake Irene before I did workshops there, I was drawn to the way the trees framed this view of reflected beauty ahead as the trail first reaches the lake. On this night photography workshop in Rocky Mountain National Park, I encouraged my students to be patient while some wet weather finished rolling through the park. I did some in-field training and we headed to the first spot on my list – Lake Irene. Shortly after we arrived, the clouds cleared and the Milky Way finished rotating into perfect position… There is a lot more to this post… see the rest of the backstory, how I got the shot, and get free wallpaper from http://ift.tt/1tZAcTx _______________________________ It’s time to get ready for some awesome milky way skies. Either on your own or in a workshop, I encourage you to get out there this summer and make the most of it! Upcoming Night Photography Workshops • June – Colorado Photography Festival Symposium & Workshop http://ift.tt/1mVTJjR • June – Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado (6 of 6 spots available) http://ift.tt/1tZAcTB • August – Arches & Canyonlands National Parks in Utah (4 of 6 spots available) http://ift.tt/1mVTJA4
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