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New on 500px : Rodeo Beach Sunset by kawasemi1 by kawasemi1

Yesterday, I had urge to go to shoot photographs ( you know the feeling ;-0) so I head out to Rodeo Beach in Marin County. I know it is famous for photographing, but I had no idea where exactly it is located. With internet, it wasn’t difficult to find. I was originally set up much closer to the water, but decided to retreat after big waves crushed on me. Water is pretty rough around here. Now I thick it may be a bit afar from the water because foot tracks are so visible. Having said that, I kind of like it this way because it tells a story that it was a busy Sunday, and most people have left, returning the beach to Pelicans and photographers ( only one person besides me came later.) I enjoyed quietness,

Color of the sunset was not that great, so I saturated. I used 2 dark, circular ND filters to begin with , but added graduated ND and slight red fiber in post process. It is prettier this way but also feels a bit unnatural. I appreciate if you let me know how I could have done better.

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New on 500px : Bay Area Beauty by Shainblum by Shainblum

Always better on black! I trekked out to Rodeo Beach with my buddies Griffin Moon and Toby Harriman. The sunset was really beautiful skimming the ice plants. There was an endless amount of poison oak to dodge, but hey it was worth it. Thanks for checkin it out guys!
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