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New on 500px : Steptoe Butte by loweedmundphotog by loweedmundphotog

Steptoe Butte in eastern Washington state is a landscape photographers paradise. A 360 degree view allows for an unlimited choice of subjects even though the place was lousy with shutterbugs.

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New on 500px : The Lone Tree In The Palouse by kevinmcneal by kevinmcneal

I realize I am very late to this party when it comes to images from the Palouse but I had forgotten about this one and took it several years ago but still the good times from that morning hanging out with Zack Schnepf and Adrian Klein were pretty awesome times.. so thanks for the good ol’times..
Thanks for looking

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New on 500px : Morning light in Alpe di Siusi by hanskrusephotography by hanskrusephotography

This photo was shot during the now completed Dolomites West June 2014 photo workshop. The workshop had 9 participants from Denmark, Australia, Germany, France, Serbia and Sweden.

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New on 500px : The Promise by protik by protik

Ever since I came across of Chip Phillip’s take on this scene http://ift.tt/1kUf52H , I wanted to have a version of my own. But for the last few years things were just not lining up. In some years the patterns were not ‘perfect’ while the other times I was not there in the ‘right’ season.
Even this year I was late by 2-3 weeks from the peak colors. Moreover it was extremely windy with rain drops when i appeared on the steptoe buttee. The sky was covered with thick clouds. I thought about going back to the motel multiple times, but as optimistic as i am, decided to hang in there anyway. It paid off.
Just before the sunset, the horizon started opening up. Yes it was way too windy and was a constant struggle keeping the front element free of rain drops, but how can you complian when you get this kind of magic light? While i was capturing this, the most perfect rainbow appeared on the sky to my left .
More pics to follow 🙂

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New on 500px : The Spirit of Spring by dephcophoto by dephcophoto

Spring in Palouse, Washington. It was a windy evening with wind gust of at least 30mph. It was quite difficult to even get this shot steady since I stood on elevated ground, while I had to race with the fading sun, clouds that were rolling in (it was raining soon after), and the growing shadows from the clouds.

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