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New on 500px : Magic Kingdom by KristinaWilson by KristinaWilson

““Sitting in cold wet britches for an hour was no fun even in a magic kingdom.” – K. Paterson “Bridge to Terabithia”

It was sixth grade and my teacher’s name was Miss Graham. She had shoulder length brown hair, eyes that smiled and she read to the class two of my all time favorite childhood books. Those afternoon story times got me through one of the worst years of my life, with the loss of my father. I had some really wonderful teachers growing up and to them I will always be grateful. I was also rather a little smartass, so I should also apologize. =)

(National Teacher’s appreciation was this month)

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New on 500px : Green Dreams by KristinaWilson by KristinaWilson

“The hour of spring was dark at last,
sensuous memories of sunlight past,
I stood alone in garden bowers
and asked the value of my hours.”
– Roman Payne

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