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New on 500px : Beginning or End by AlisterBenn by AlisterBenn

The Isle of Eigg off the west coast of Scotland is rightly a famous landscape photography location. The beautiful beach of the Bay of Laig and the Singing Sands. The view over the the Isle of Rum is one of the finest in Scotland – when you can see it!

My wife and I took my 81 year old mother there for a week in March, renting a small cottage and taking all the weather nature could throw at us. We had everything, from gales, torrential rain, snow and occasional glorious sunshine.

This little spot was found after a few days of exploration, a little creek that worms its way down to the sea over some excellent rocks.

The second last night of our stay proved to be the best opportunity, with a higher tide, great light and a sky full of drama. Enough of Rum could be seen to recognize the distinctive shape.

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