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New on 500px : Broken Arms by RyanDyar by RyanDyar

This was a tough shot to pull off… both with composition and processing. It’s a fairly extensive perspective blend that I had to utilize to get all the elements shaped up properly with the frame while overcoming the limitations of the natural elements and my own lens. It was all focus blended, blended for dynamic range, hand-stitched from different focal lengths, and then warped to get everything looking ship-shape again. After all of that it was pretty straight forward processing for me. Some texture work, some luminosity masking to get the tones proper across the board, and a bunch of dodging/burning (some of which is covered in my latest video tutorial).

I’m currently working on my next video tutorial which will cover many of these perspective blend, warping, stitching techniques I use. It’s pretty labor intensive work to put these together, but isn’t necessarily *hard* to pull off.

As always, check out my site for more images, info about processing instruction, in-field workshops, prints, and yadd yadda yadda that everyone else in this community does. http://ift.tt/HjSx9r

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New on 500px : Sun Tan by RyanDyar by RyanDyar

Spent some time at the Olympic Coast last week with some friends. Had a great time despite some of the woes….

-First night I had my backpack rummaged through by what I was sure was a bear… or Miles. Turns out, it was a coyote. I knew I should have put it in a safe place before crawling in my tent… but the one time I thought “screw it” was the time my bag got ransacked.

-In a mad dash to grab a shot, Miles dropped a lens. The sound it made hitting the ground was loud enough to scare away any wildlife that was nearby. It was a circus of expletives the rest of the day.

-Nagesh soaked his iphone in a creek crossing. Oddly, this meant his phone would not turn on, but the flashlight on the back would not turn off. We put it in rice… and that did nothing but make the rice taste like phone.

It was a heavy traffic week on the Olympic coast, running into some guys I knew, and guys I’d yet to meet. Was great to see some friendly faces out there, but the crowds are a little bothersome to shoot in. We ended up having Rialto Beach nearly to ourselves one of the nights and spent a couple hours getting soaked in the surf.

I recently released a tutorial video that covers some of the techniques I use in my processing. I also lead in-field workshops, teach processing online via Skype screen sharing, and blah blah blah… check it all out at http://ift.tt/HjSx9r

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New on 500px : Through the Looking Glass by RyanDyar by RyanDyar

I know it’s Cinco de Mayo weekend and all… but if you could put your beer down long enough to view this on black it would be appreciated. It’s always interesting to me when I go back and view my old archives of images and see what I had previously that was “unprocessable” 6 years ago. When I shot this in 2008 I never imagined I would be able to eek out enough dynamic range or even make the light palatable enough to view it without causing a migraine. Years later with more capable software and a broadened skill set, the approach to this shot was simple and took all of 15min to process from start to finish. It’s only two exposures blended for dynamic range, some texture adjustments, a couple luminosity adjustments, and a significant amount of dodging and burning. If you are interested in how I go about creating my unique look in my images, I recently released a video about it. It’s for sale up on my site http://ift.tt/HjSx9r You’ll also find info about workshops, processing instruction via Skype, prints, and an article about my hobby of collecting stained glass portraits of minor league baseball stars.
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New on 500px : Weather The Storm by RyanDyar by RyanDyar

This one looks ok on black or white… so I won’t preach to you this this time. Well, I finally found some spare time to finish my processing video… I’m new to the whole video editing thing, so it took my feeble mind quite a while to figure out the most simple things. I’m happy with how it turned out. I’m not the most graceful of wordsmiths, but I think I was able to explain things well enough! Many of the techniques I show in the video were used in this shot. So if you’d be interested in checking it out head over to http://ift.tt/HjSx9r and check it out. There’s also other stuff, you should check that out as well.
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