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New on 500px : Colors Of Serenity by LaurenThibodeau by LaurenThibodeau

This photo is untouched only denoized.
The night before last I hesitated and missed a gorgeous sunset so last night as evening grew close and the sun went behind the trees of my home I packed up my camera gear and headed to Sabattus lake. As I waited it out it looked like a dud, barely any colors were forming till all of a sudden there it was: pinks, oranges, purples and blues that stripped the sky of the boredom. Shot after shot the images proved that waiting it out sometimes you get rewarded..
Hope you enjoy this image, I have so many from this night that look so different from one another so I’m sure I’ll be showing you more as times rolls on. Have a wonderful day, evening, whatever it may be when you look at this image my friends.

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New on 500px : Local Sunset by rgoulet3 by rgoulet3

Took this a few days ago at a lake just minutes from my home.

Have a great week everyone.

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