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New on 500px : Candy like Patagonia by ArturStanisz by ArturStanisz

One thing that I love about Patagonia is its constantly changing weather. In reality it means that you never know what you are going to get. This was the case with this photo. After a 3 days long wait for conditions to improve, I captured this scenery. When I saw what was happening on the sky that morning, it was like a candy in my mouth. This photo was taken the same morning as my previous “Otherworldly” picture, but few hours later. A very strong wind, caused clouds to move rapidly. The light was constantly on the move influencing changes in the colour of the sky. When I was watching these quickly moving clouds, I feared that the light would never appear. I was really thrilled when for a few minutes the sky exploded with these candy like hues. This photo shows the area of Salto Grande Rio Paine and Torres del Paine range. It was taken from a unique view point on the other side of the river, just across the most popular tourist view point. Please view on black and enjoy!
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New on 500px : Otherworldly by ArturStanisz by ArturStanisz

This photo is a result of my most recent trip to Patagonia that took place in March and April, 2014. I took this photo on my last day in the area of Torres del Paine/Salto Grande. I haven’t seen any photos taken from this view point, thus far. It showcases entire range of Torres del Paine and famous Salto Grande. I hiked to this remote area and spent couple nights waiting for the light. And the light came. During these days when I was chasing the light I experienced all types of weather that Patagonia has to offer: all types of rain and snow, entire spectrum of clouds, and the wind trying to destroy my tent. This is a night photo taken with full moon illuminating the landscape. In order to control perspective and cover wide angle, I blended by hand four images. Please view on black background and enjoy!
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