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New on 500px : under the bridge by DeSelby by DeSelby

milky way pano from 9 RAW frames – taken on

dedicated to aaron & royce

three fall “under the bridge”

best on black background…

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New on 500px : highline by DeSelby by DeSelby

pano from 7 RAW files – vertically taken

dedicated to aaron & royce

when i’ve been preparing my set-up for my “rho ophiuchi project” i could do some “sidekick” when the area was still moonlit 😉
hope you can enjoy the vista…
best seen on black background

wolfgang muthspiel “highline” from the new album “driftwood”
with larry grenadier and brian blade

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New on 500px : somewhere by DeSelby by DeSelby

jetty near st. gilgen/wolfgangsee/salzburg/austria

mike manieri “somewhere” (leonard bernstein)

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New on 500px : Salzburg Dom – Dome by SteveProsser by SteveProsser

Salzburg’s Cathedral is probably the city’s most significant piece of church architecture and its ecclesiastical center. With its magnificent façade and mighty dome it represents the most impressive early Baroque edifice north of the Alps. Its origin is closely connected to the ecclesiastical principality’s demeanour and growth. Destroyed by fire and rebuilt, enlarged and expanded, it bears witness to the power and independence of Salzburg’s archbishops.
The first cathedral was built on this site by Bishop Virgil who came to Salzburg in 767 and built a cathedral on the site of the former Roman Juvavum. On September 24, 774 the cathedral was consecrated to St. Virgil and St. Rupert. The city was set on fire in 1167 by the Counts of Plain, followers of the emperor Friedrick Barbarossa, also destroying the cathedral. The cathedral was rebuilt ten years later under the rule of Archbishop Conrad III of Wittelsbach and became more beautiful, more magnificent and more impressive than ever, making it the mightiest Romaneque cathedral north of the Alps, its size even surpassing the emperor’s cathedral in Speyer.

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New on 500px : magic city by DeSelby by DeSelby


pano of my favorite astro-location taken from 11 RAWs

waxahatchee “magic city wholesale”

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New on 500px : stay by DeSelby by DeSelby

fisherman’s cottage in fürberg

“Wolfgangsee is a lake in Austria that lies mostly within the state of Salzburg and is one of the best known lakes in the Salzkammergut resort region. The municipalities on its shore are Strobl, St. Gilgen with the villages of Abersee and Ried as well as the market town of St. Wolfgang in the state of Upper Austria. The town and the lake are named after Saint Wolfgang of Regensburg, who, according to legend, built the first church here in the late 10th century.” (source wikipedia)

erykah badu “stay”

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New on 500px : greener lands by DeSelby by DeSelby

johannes-schlößl/pallotiner/mülln/salzburg/austria http://ift.tt/1s761bb ingrid lukas “greener lands”
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New on 500px : Hohenwerfen by PhotonPhotography by PhotonPhotography

The square crop does not give justice to the photo, but nevertheless this place is worth seeing… Hope you like it. Hohenwerfen Castle (German: Burg Hohenwerfen) stands high above the Austrian town of Werfen in the Salzach valley, approximately 40 km (25 mi) south of Salzburg. The castle is surrounded by the Berchtesgaden Alps and the adjacent Tennengebirge mountain range. The fortification is a “sister” of Hohensalzburg Castle both dated from the 11th century. Please follow my works on Google+ or like the PhotonPhotography Facebook page , to get daily updates on my photos ! Thanks a lot for your support!
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New on 500px : coloured sky by DeSelby by DeSelby

salzburg seen from gaisberg-mountain terje rypdal “and the sky was coloured with waterfalls and angels” happy easter!!
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