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New on 500px : Alba in Val d’Orcia by lucagino by lucagino

Alba in Val d’Orcia nei pressi di San Quirico d’Orcia
Uno scatto dal recente Workshop Clickalps in Val d’Orcia

I prossimi appuntamenti consultabili a questo indirizzo:


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New on 500px : A sea of green by PeteBondurant by PeteBondurant

Tuscan hills near San Quirico d’Orcia move like the sea. Here’s a picture taken after a beautiful sunset, when the clouds were still flamed up by the sun

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New on 500px : Podere Belvedere, San Quirico d’Orcia by edwinkremer by edwinkremer

An iconic farmhouse that perfectly represents the Tuscan idyll, situated in the Val d’Orcia, just outside San Quirico d’Orcia, one of the most beautiful and charming medieval towns of the Val d’Orcia, located to the south of Siena.

Visiting this place was like a dream come true. Sure, it is the most photographed house in Italy, but frankly, I couldn’t care less. This morning’s light show presented by Mother Earth was simply mind blowing and a great relief after the steady rain of the evening before. I used a Lee ND0.9 Hard Grad filter to correct the exposure for the sky and the hills in the far distance.

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New on 500px : Vitaleta Chapel Tuscany by MarcoCarmassi by MarcoCarmassi

The Chapel Madonna di Vitaleta is a small sacred building that sits on top of a hill on the road that connects San Quirico d’Orcia, Pienza.

From it comes the statue of the Madonna attributed to Andrea della Robbia, now in the church dedicated to her in the center of SanQurico, the statue would be purchased in 1553 by a Florentine workshop.
There are traces of the Chapel for the first time in a document of 1590. The appearance today is the result of renovation by architect Joseph Partini. In the 1884 he took ispiration by sixteenth-century models.
The Chapel Madonna di Vitaleta was placed under protection as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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