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New on 500px : Inspiration by dthompson by dthompson

This image was inspired by Chip Phillips and Floris Van Breugal. Thanks for the years of inspiration. Death Valley, California.

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New on 500px : Windswept – Wedge, Western Australia by LukeAustin by LukeAustin

The wind was blowing relatively strong on this particular afternoon up near Wedge Island a short drive north of Perth. The way the low afternoon sunlight lit up the sand blowing off the peak of the dune really caught my attention. I watched it swirl around in the air, constantly changing shape and form in the light. It was then I realised I had to work as quick as I could as I was getting sand up here there and everywhere! Good times though.

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New on 500px : Hourglass by TedGore by TedGore

Finally back to processing some images after taking a little hiatus to go shoot for a few weeks. This is a re-process of an older shot, bringing the look more up to date with my current style. The old one is still up in my feed. I’ll leave it there for a bit if you’d like to compare.

An impressive cloud formation passes over the Mesquite sand dunes in Death Valley National Park. I’ve been lucky to get some pretty interesting conditions the few times I’ve been to this area. One of my favorite things I’ve done in the wilderness, is to be comfortably settled into the nice soft sand, watching weather move through the valley. Such a cool place.

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New on 500px : Breaking Through by dthompson by dthompson

The Inyo Mountains come to life as sunrise light breaks through the clouds to the east on a remote playa in Death Valley, California.

One of the most surreal moments that I’ve had in my photography journey. The howls of the coyotes in the distance was amazing.

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New on 500px : Mesquite Flat Dunes by jurgo by jurgo

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes are located near Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley National Park in eastern California. This was taken about an hour before sunset, we were on our way to Zabriskie Point for sunset. If you look closely you can see the wind constantly reshaping the dunes. The Grapevine Mountains provide the backdrop.

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New on 500px : Road to Mordor by EdwinMartinez by EdwinMartinez

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Road to Mordor

Jasper Lake in Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada in Winter seems to be a barren land, with sand dunes frozen and thin ice sheets forming just above the surface. The place looks like taken out of a dream or nightmare. With the sun setting and casting its red glow, the scene seems like a movie, an epic journey starting.

Thanks for viewing.

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