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New on 500px : Fear by tpoulton001 by tpoulton001

I’ll be hosting another adventure to Tasmania in a couple of weeks with this amazing little boat shed on the beach plus some time up in the snow at Cradle Mountain. With a hike to either Lake Rodway or Kitchener’s Hut we should see some amazing conditions.

Check out my website or Facebook page for more details of upcoming adventures.



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New on 500px : The Trail We Blaze by tpoulton001 by tpoulton001

The Trail We Blaze
by Timothy Poulton

Sugar Pine Forest
Laurel Hill

Recently with all the photography competitions there has been a lot of talk about what constitutes an award winning image and several statements by leading photographers that we need to lift our game and classic composition skills like leading lines, colourful sunsets, the odd penguin does not necessarily a photograph make.

If you take away all those skills passed on by all the photographers since 1826 what do we have left, I’ll be completely honest and say that I’m lost.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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New on 500px : A T R by tpoulton001 by tpoulton001

If you’ve spent time at this location you can understand why time is against this amazing place, even the viewing platform will slide away into the ocean and when you head down to Gibson Steps you can see how some of it is collapsing already.

Now I can understand why they have signs warning people to keep to the path but as a landscape photographer the desire to find a unique composition can be overpowering and you can’t but help to break the rules. Would you believe that one of the workers stationed at the car park called us scum several times. Now perhaps we deserved a slap on the wrist but the abusive behaviour and the vicious and unwarranted “scum” comment was talking it way too far. What do you think?

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New on 500px : Why do Lemmings jump off cliffs by tpoulton001 by tpoulton001

Why do Lemmings jump off cliffs, apparently it’s a myth and don’t commit mass suicide. Humans on the other hand seem to be collectively destroying the very planet we live on and in turn our very own existence, such a smart creative species hell bent on destruction.

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New on 500px : [ Lake’s End ] by Fabian-Maximilian by Fabian-Maximilian

Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

© by Fabian Maximilian · German Landscapes
I invite you to visit me on Facebook · Flickr · Twitter

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New on 500px : 186000 by tpoulton001 by tpoulton001

Firstly I’d like to thank the owners of this amazing structure and Ray Jennings for all the details. Yesterday I headed out to country Australia with good mates Timothy Donnelly, Jay Daley and Ben Coope for a night at the famous Barn from the 2006 Superman Returns movie. Although in the movie it had a field of corn surrounding it our sunrise and night of stars will make this one of the best sessions you’ll see from this location. Be sure to check out all the other captures from all the lads and some more stunners on my page.
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