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New on 500px : it’s a D-Day for surfers !! by Yannick_Lefevre by Yannick_Lefevre

A winter’s sunset day with surfers goes in the sea ….
like the surfer walks on the pier 😉
Cannes ( French Riviera )

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New on 500px : Dawn by hclee7788 by hclee7788

Light of dawn and fly seagull on the sea

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New on 500px : Etretat Dream by ljsilver71 by ljsilver71

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One of the big arches of the Etretat Cliffs, it is almost the sunset, and the light is turning to red and warm tones. The sunlight is reflected from the sea on the bottom of the clouds, everything gets a blue/purple tone, even the white rocks of the cliffs are colored in pink and the scene assumes a look worthy of a fantasy tale. My luck has lured a lazy seagull flying from a rock to another in search of a place where to pass the night, why not to frame everything in a single dream?

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New on 500px : Islas Ballestas by victoro68 by victoro68

The Ballestas Islands are a group of small islands near the town of Paracas located within the Paracas District of the Pisco Province in the Ica Region, on the south coast of Peru. Composed largely of rock formations and covering an estimated area of 0.12 km², these islands are an important sanctuary for marine fauna like the guanay guano bird, the blue-footed booby and the tendril. Other notable species include Humboldt Penguins and two varieties of seals (fur seals and sea lions), amongst other mammals.

These islands are accessible from the resort town of Paracas (near Pisco) by tour boat which typically lasts 2 hours. During the visits it is not uncommon for the sea lions to approach the tourist boats and make spectacles for the visiting tourists. The sea lions are also responsible for a unique audio spectacle with their wolf-pack cries that echoes around the Ballestas and creates an effect of a 360 degree surrounding choir.

On the way to the islands, on the Paracas Peninsula, visitors will notice El Candelabro, a large-scale Geoglyph that may have served as a beacon to mariners. The mystery as to the origins of this particular Geoglyph is ongoing with much speculation. The visit to the Ballestas Islands is, from an ecotourism point of view, probably the best known along the Peruvian coast. Source: Wikipedia

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