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New on 500px : [ seljalandsfoss ] by DERYK1968 by DERYK1968

close to midnight we saw this awesome light at seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland 🙂

via 500px http://ift.tt/1mel8tV

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New on 500px : Fleeting by BrettNickeson by BrettNickeson

This is one of my favorite images from Iceland, taken behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall on the southern coast. We got a brief glimpse of the (slowly) setting sun which made the waterfall glow and lit up the inside of the grassy cave. Moments like this were fleeting on our trip, so you had to make the most of them when they appeared.

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New on 500px : Seljalandsfoss by Kyraly by Kyraly

Best light of my four day tour with Iurie Belagurschi. Unfortuntately I missed it. As I took a couple of shots as the sun started to colour up the sky, my batttery died in live view mode on my d800. I exchanged the battery, turned the camera back on and the mirror stayed locked up with an err message. I tried everything I could think of including checking the web from my cellphone while I was still in the spot. All I could find were people having to send their cameras back to Nikon and paying a lot of money to get it fixed. With the light ever improving I packed up and went to wait for Iurie. I continued my web search (my roaming charges are going to be astronomical) and found a solution just as the light was going back behind the clouds 25 minutes later. In case it happens to you, reset the camera (two green buttons) and hit the shutter release at the same time.

Look for Iurie’s killer shot of a sunstar in a small hole in the clouds that he got as the light improved.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1sWCAMO

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