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New on 500px : Prayer by andymumford by andymumford

A shot of a novice monk in front of the reclining buddha at Shwesandaw Paya, Bagan. As we entered the tiny building where the buddha is located we came across a photographer shooting this scene. It’s not a “natural” scene, as the photographer, who was shooting a book in Burma, had a guide who’d set up the scene for him, complete with local novice monks who were carefully posed and lit.

The photographer invited me to take a shot of the scene, and I was hardly likely to decline. I quickly stepped in, composed and measured the exposure, before taking three frames.

It was another chance encounter in a wonderful country that left us both feeling uplifted and happy….it was a fantastic trip.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1mJX1p7

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