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New on 500px : A small Harbour by Pierantonio by Pierantonio

Hello, this image was shooted in the sunset in Castellammare del Golfo -Sicily-
I loved the original native colors.
I hope you like, bye!


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New on 500px : The last gift of the sun by GiuseppeTorre by GiuseppeTorre

The sun has gone away, and I have only few seconds before that show will be over.

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The colorful sky after the sunset over Pozzillo lake.
A landscape around me that remember in my mind the colors of the first scene of my favored movie “2001 A space odissey”….

…”My god is full of…colors!”

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New on 500px : Camping during the eruption by marcocalandra89 by marcocalandra89

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Etna had an another one of its paroxysms. In this event me and my cousin reached the Valle del Bove, a great point to see the eruption of the Southeast Crater.
Initially, we had to seek shelter among the rocks because the wind was too strong, but it doesn’t worked; In fact, after we pitched the tent to get a greater repair but most especially to change the optics in peace.
For this photography I made an exposure for the sky and another for the ground, then I merged them toghether using Photoshop, finally I made some adjusting of contrast, light and shadow.

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New on 500px : The puddle by GiuseppeTorre by GiuseppeTorre

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Santa Croce Lighthouse in Augusta, Sicily.
A beautiful sunset, a lighthouse and its reflections in front of my eyes; it is time to open the tripod for the first long exposure!

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New on 500px : Night on Etna #4 by marcocalandra89 by marcocalandra89

Facebook page: Marco Calandra Photography
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The volcano Etna continues its eruption characterized by continuous paroxysms with new lava fountains and new lava flows.
I went to the Valle del Bove with my cousin to see this spectacular show.
The sky was very clear, the moon was not visible (it was visible a little bit later around midnight) and the stars could be seen very clearly. There was a single problem: the wind.
We were at a high altitude, about 2500 meters, so the wind was very evident. We were therefore forced to seek shelter behind some rocks.
I executed the Startrail with 100 shots interspersed with 30 seconds exposure and then I merged them together.

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