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New on 500px : Night Glow by AaronGroen by AaronGroen

Taken June 30th at 3:10 am local time in the Badlands National Park along Highway 240 near the Ancient Hunters overlook.
Single exposure shot with some very subtle light painting.

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New on 500px : Dakota Territory Milky Way by AaronGroen by AaronGroen

“Dakota Territory Milky Way”
The historical Ben Clare United Methodist Church, Valley Springs, South Dakota with May 25th’s clear sky at 1:53 am.
This is one of my favorite go to places for star shots, it is relatively close to where I live but just far enough to where you can see the milky may with the naked eye very well. You may remember from over a year ago my first shot to do well on this website (500px), was this same church during a Kp7 aurora borealis… http://ift.tt/1tjYcOf
I have wanted to do a milky way shot here since last year but by the time I tried it was too late in the summer and the galactic center had already moved too far south to get it in the frame like this. This shot is a single exposure taken with a Canon EOS 6D and Canon EF 16-35 L II Lens at 16mm 15 second f/3.2 10,000iso. Tired of reading comments from ignorant people that think everything is PhotoShop, I decided to record a video with my phone of the camera taking this exact photo. You can see it here on my YouTube – http://ift.tt/1jrbYJg

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New on 500px : Another Dark Place (remake) by AaronGroen by AaronGroen

I was going through some really old stuff looking for the original RAW files of the original ” Another Dark Place” for a client and I came across this angle. So I decided to process this one instead.
Photo taken August 21st 2012 on a dark night near Howard, South Dakota. This old house is very much abandoned, to the point where in 2 hours of shooting I didn’t see one vehicle drive down the nearby gravel roads. I placed two flashlights inside of the house and one flashlight on the exterior then started my intervalometer and waited back in the car because it was very creepy by the house 😉
Thanks for looking 😉


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