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New on 500px : Skogafoss by DrewNicoll by DrewNicoll

I have recently been lucky enough to tour Iceland. on the final few days we arrived at one of Iceland’s most iconic natural marvels – Skogafoss.

At a height of 60m and 25m wide this waterfall is vast and incredibly powerful, the opportunity to hike up the 300+ stairs to the top should not be overlooked. There are also lovely cafe’s for when you return, hosting a friendly and warm welcome from the locals.

In this photo, a man with his girlfriend sprinted off towards the spray and posed for her to take a picture. I seized the opportunity to photograph him to try and give you a more striking perspective of this natural giant.

Thanks, Drew

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New on 500px : Magical View by janneka by janneka

The majestic Skogafoss. This is propably the most epic photography location I’ve ever visited!

Did you notice that head-shaped rock on the left?

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via 500px http://ift.tt/1lI9URe

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